Investment Planning and Management

client education

Bryant Financial Advisory helps our clients understand the investment process.  We help clients formulate their financial and non-financial goals over the next three to ten years.  Goals are then quantified and revised for successful achievement.  Once a client’s investment profile is determined, a suitable asset allocation strategy is recommended.  BFA assists clients in implementing their investment plan in either of two ways:

1Active Role

Takes an active role in managing the client’s assets.  In this regard, BFA manages both discretionary and non-discretionary accounts. A quarterly statement is prepared showing the asset appraisal, performance and portfolio activity over various time periods.  We will meet with clients on an “as needed” basis.

Bryant Financial Advisory does not employ “timing” strategies in the management of assets but rather encourages a “buy and hold” strategy with annual re-balancing when appropriate.  Our objective is to get clients to “stay the course” in pursuit of their goals.


2Passive Role

Takes a more passive role by working alongside clients and their other hired professionals to execute a sound plan.  For example, the client may have assets with a mutual fund company he is managing himself, or the client may have a broker or money manager who was hired to invest assets.  BFA will analyze, critique and recommend changes in asset allocation and individual holdings based on the time horizon, return expectations and risk profile of the client. When money managers are involved, we will meet with clients and their money managers on a periodic basis to monitor performance and investment acumen on a go-forward basis.

Since investing is a dynamic rather than a static activity, BFA encourages clients to have regular checkups, at least once a year, to monitor performance and review investment goals to determine if any changes need to be made.

Specific investment recommendations are included if the client chooses comprehensive financial planning.  If the client chooses segmented planning, a generic asset allocation plan is provided without specific investment recommendations.

BFA will design a customized investment plan that includes a suitable asset allocation plan, a proper diversification strategy and risk controls to meet the clients’ goals and circumstances over a long period of time. The plan will be monitored on an annual basis to determine if any changes need to be made and what additional steps are needed to meet with success.